Up for a Challenge – or Two

Yes well, it’s the time of year for challenges isn’t it? I have decided to take on two challenges. Both of them are things I know that I need to do, and I would be a better person if I did them! Of course will take up my time and I don’t have a lot of extra time! So, we shall see…

First. Revolution: 31 days of yoga  Yep. I am committed to doing yoga with Adriene every day for the month of January. I’ve done 4 days and I love it so far!

I got to know Adriene last year through my brother Ian. He’d been doing a variety of yoga classes on her YouTube channel and loved them, so I tried them out. Did them a lot in the summer, then things got busy and it fell by the wayside, as things often do. I highly recommend her videos – she’s playful and peaceful at the same time … plus her classes flow well. And she’s not irritating. Well… she talks a lot but that’s ok with me.

I think I can do this challenge before bed each night. Right after my glass of wine. Or maybe before…

My second challenge is a bit more playful. I saw it on my Facebook feed.

Annie is considering doing it with me, but isn’t sure about finding an author younger than her (15). lol

I’ve decided to start with a book I got for Christmas… but can’t decide on the best category for it … a book that will improve a specific area of my life? My ability to act like a kid and have a deep connection to stuffies?

Seriously, it’s the ONLY book I got for Christmas… how much does that suck? Anyway, I guess that’s not the way it’s supposed to be done – read a book that I want and then map it to the list. I suppose I’m to search for a book based on the list …

Alas, I’m not convinced of this challenge.

What challenges are you taking on? Dana, over at doingthedamnthang.com is onto the #cook90 challenge led by @epicurious. Now that’s a shitload of work if you ask me… Surely there are some more reasonable challenges out there!

12 thoughts on “Up for a Challenge – or Two

    1. Ok whoa. That’s hard core!!! I read an article about a family that went plastic free … and I recall the lots of challenges such as buying personal care items (shampoo, toothpaste), yoghurt & sour cream …. They ended up making a lot of those things on their own… How is Ceilidh tackling it?

  1. These look like great challenges! I have been doing yoga as well. You just feel so good afterward! I would love to join in the book challenge with you. I listen as I sew. It is always good to have a goal or direction. What link up is it? Fun fun!

    1. That particular challenge links back to http://www.hannahbraime.com There are several out there though, where it’s more of a community. It doesn’t seem like that one is a group thing (through her website, anyway). Goodreads has one too – and it seems to be a bit more interactive. Tons of people are taking part in that one.

  2. I have done some of Adriene’s YouTube sessions and I really enjoy her as well. I agree, playful yet a good flow and good instruction! Enjoy and good luck!

    1. Me too, Martina! I asked my Yoga girl in Listowel if she could recommend a website when we’re in AZ…and Adrienne is one of her favourites! Have been doing her practice since we’ve been here…fun, playful & it works for me!

    1. Alright Dana!! Annie is going to do it too. She’s joined Goodreads and is starting to make a list on there of all the books she’s read. She really loves to read, so it’s not a super hard challenge for her … but it puts her into a different kind of online community than she’s used to! Might up her reading game, I think!

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