Why Not be a Wig Maker?

Well, I’m going to lose my hair. Chemo starts next week and I’m told I have about 10 days before it falls out. So I’ve decided to be proactive. I’m going to cut off my braids, grab my glue gun and make them into a version of a wig. Not kidding. 

I was inspired by Scout. On the run, she hacked off her pink tipped and therefore very obvious hair, fashioned two cute pigtails and then plopped a little black toque on her head. 

This is Scout. She’s a cute Netflix movie character that you really must meet. Dial up “About Scout”.

Well if she can do that and still look like a million bucks, so can I. Check it out: 

My plan

So on Monday I’m going to see Jenny, who has agreed to help me out. She will cut off my braids. (I realize that this could be a delicate procedure … I’ll have to secure the top somehow so it doesn’t unravel.) I’ll set them aside while she fixes up whatever is left on my head (seriously folks, it’s going to be gone in 2 weeks. Who cares??).

Then I’ll hot glue the braids to the inside of a comfie black beanie that I found laying around the house. (I’ll have the exact location of the braids marked on the beanie ahead of time, don’t you worry.) Later on I’ll sew a soft band of something over the hair, sandwiching the braids to the hat. This will help to avoid irritation from the glue and ends of hair rubbing against my bald bald head. 

This is what it should look like in the end, when I plop another hat on top. 

Of course I won’t have eyebrows…

So ya, that’s the plan. Handmade wig making. Why not?? FYI, a short haired wig (made with real hair) costs $1800 and long hair is around $2500. Can you believe that?? Omg. I’m going to get me a turban, plop it over my cool skull cap with braids and I’ll be good to go. 


15 thoughts on “Why Not be a Wig Maker?

  1. Shit. I’m in tears here. You will remember it was your hair that I took pictures of when I cut mine off! My brother and Clare shaved their heads together, and Nate was a baby so he was already bald. You go, girl!

  2. Bald is in! Just look at JP. I’m sure you would look just as good. Hair always grows back in….sometimes a bit different. Maybe curly?

  3. Hey Janice, I am wondering about duck tape used to sandwich the raw hair ends prior to you glueing them in place. You, are as always, are amazingly inspirational. Love ya!

  4. Brilliant!
    The soft lining is critical, eh?
    Will be in touch re. being a driver.
    Having your own braids will help.
    Love you girl.

  5. That’s such a great idea!! If you want to change it up for cheep check out the “Wish” shopping app, they have a lot of human hair wigs for under $100 bucks!

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